Coaching delivery

The SW Visions approach to  coaching delivery is characterised by  four principles:
  • SW Visions offers a personalised service rather than general communications training. Our coaching delivery is enhanced when we can work with individuals or small groups.
  • SW Visions tailors coaching delivery to your actual needs. This service is most effective when we can work with you on preparing for a speech or presentation that you will give in the near future.
  • SW Visions orientates coaching delivery around your style and personality. Being genuine and true to yourself helps you feel confident in public and enhances your credibility with the audience.
  • SW Visions understands the importance of communicating the technical complexities of an issue. We work hard to get the right balance of expert input without going over the heads of your audience.

Hosting & chairing events

The SW Visions approach to hosting & chairing events is characterised by four principles:
  • SW Visions views each event as a unique opportunity for you to engage with the Brussels community. This opportunity should be fully realised and bring maximum benefits.
  • SW Visions tailors its services to the actual needs and specifications of your event. Your audience, speakers, topics and also venue will define the type and style of moderation required.
  • SW Visions orientates its services to your corporate image and values. The event is a public statement about your organisation and should be reinforced by the professional moderators from SW Visions.
  • SW Visions understands the importance of addressing technical and complex issues during your event. We study and prepare topics prior to the event in order to engage with the speakers and audience.