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Coaching delivery services

Every day competent, professional and knowledgeable people are invited to give presentations at the European Parliament or participate in expert panels for the European Commission etc. Far too often, presentations consist of endless power point slides with speeches that run overtime. The audience can easily become bored and the opportunity to engage policy-makers and politicians is lost.

The SW Visions coaching delivery is focused on the three areas of event preparation, being on stage and public speaking. We work closely with you on presentation techniques, body language and clear communications to ensure that your key messages are heard and understood by the audience.

SW Visions "event preparation" service can support you with:
  • Writing your presentation including content and structure.
  • Analysing the audience, what do they expect from you and how can you deliver.
  • Developing key messages that the audience should remember.
SW Visions “being on stage” service can support you with:
  • Presence on stage covering body language, hand movements, facial expressions etc.
  • Using props including reading from a text, power points, images, audio and physical objects etc.
  • Addressing the audience from making eye-contact to active engagement and interaction etc.
SW Visions “public speaking” service can support you with:
  • Speaking clearly and getting your point across in English, even if this is your second or third language.
  • Using timing and rhythm to enhance your delivery in English and maintain audience interest and attention.
  • Projection and reaching everyone in the audience, both with and without a microphone.
What to expect from SW Visions approach to Coaching Delivery